Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Maureen Gammon – President
Debbie Adler – Vice President
Warren Leonard – Vice President
Nancy Gallt – Secretary
Laura Hunt – Treasurer
Holly Gauthier – Membership
Liz Meny – Communications
Hilda Silverman – New Neighbors
Tory Somers – Community Outreach
Joe Facchinel – Events

In order to serve on the Board of the Montrose Park Historic District Association, Trustees must be residents of the Historic District. Please see the By-Laws of our association for details.

The MPHDA is always looking for interested individuals who would like to be involved with our ongoing activities and events, or to serve on our Board of Trustees when openings are available.

Please contact us if you would like to join our association, be more involved with our activities, or would like to nominate an historic district resident to be a Trustee at election time.

We gratefully acknowledge the service of our
former MPHDA Trustees

Kim Kelly
Bob Adler 2005-2007
Jim Ankner 2008-2012
Craig Axtell 2008-2012
Ruth Baker 1998-2003
Joan Boone 1994-1998
Allison Brown 2004-2007
Maureen Christensen 1996-2000
Amy Dahn, President 1994-2008
Joyce Faucette Farmer 1996-2000
Kathy Flaxman 1994-2000
Agnieszka Grzybowska 2004-2008
Gary Hilbert 2003-2004
Bob Kasbar 1994
Chris Krecke 2008-2020
Suzanne L’Hernault 2006-2011
Warren Leonard 2000-2006
John Lopos
Rebecca Lubot-Conk 2008-2010
Risa Lysenko 1997-2000
Karen McDermott 1998-2002
Suzanne Michaud 2007
Joseph Nassaney 2004
Ernie Osle 2007-2011
Nancy Paetzold 1998-2001
Rayna Pomper 2001-2004
Stacey Pulley 2003-2006
Lee Rafkin 2007-2010
Kathy Ramshaw 1998-2002
John Reynolds 1994-1998
Judy Runciman 1999-2007
Stephen Schnall 2007-2016
Karen Scordato 2005
Roy Scott 1994-2000
Marc Siry 2010-2013
Janet Skrobe 1994-1998
Carolyn Tindall 2008-2010
Jami Thall 2002-2003
Naoma Welk 2002-2013
Bill Webster 2000-2006
Margaret Wierzbicki 1994-2002
Ginny Zonfrilli 1994-2000


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