Member List


Amy and Bill Dahn
Laura and Adam Epstein
Sanford and Zella Felzenberg
Nancy Gallt
Maureen and Fred Gammon
Laura Hunt and Gary Hill
Sam Joseph and Dan Arrighi
James and Shannon Keim
Seton Hall University – Fabim Abedrabbo


Ken and Regina Bann
Sabine Hack and Rusty Reeves
Warren Leonard and James Skelly
Edith Oxfeld
Cricket Purdy and Roger Seifter
Sally and Tom Rowe
Jason Swanson and Simon Lowry
Sally and Michael Unsworth
Kirsten Wolf and Alexander Matte


Debbie and Bob Adler
Lynn and Jim Ankner
Dena and Bobby Basinski
Kerri Anne Burke and Alan Delozier
Dzu Do and Han Tan
Holly Gauthier and Stuart Deutsch
Hilary Hoover
Kim and Doug Huebner
Chris and Rebecca Krecke
Jeff and Helen Ling
Liz and Pete Meny
Danielle Purfey and Allen Wright
John Randall
Cathy Roma and Steve Horowitz
Judy Runciman
Hilda and Bob Silverman
Naoma and Steve Welk
Robin Zeh and Paul Woodiel



Paul Baretsky and Joseph Gualtieri
Bryn and Joanne Douds
Zachary Dranove
Karen Hartshorn Hilton and Jim Hilton
Yves and Keesha Jean-Baptiste
Marc Merriweather and Narges Kakalia
Beth (Carol) Lipman
Madu and Nick Pai
Rhonda and Marvin Wyche
Jill and Richard Zimmer


Manny Adeleye
Jacqueline and Damien Anderson
Lisa and Michael Barnett
Alex and Matt Bauguess
Sharon and Arnold Cohen
Kate DuBose and Dave Brown
Christopher Falzon
Matthew Hickey
Bill & Stephanie Kemp
Kim Kelly and Dan Patarozzi
Michelle Stella and David Piombino
Justin and Kristen Lambert
Adam and Allison Licata
David Litke and Scott Dorn
Bernadette Malinoski
Daniel and Caroline Mancini
Romy and Brian Nesin
Darryl and Sigrid Novak
Rita and Stewart Orrell
Simon Reich
Todd Ricker and Laura Dhingra
Cara Robinson and Chris Sabin
Carissa and Matthew Rodrigue
Daphne Selzer and Jeff Sipos
David and Ellen Solomon|
Victoria and Chris Somers
Manny Adeleye and Michelle Suggs
Emily Loubaton and Michael Tedeschi
Mary Washington-Nieves
Hannah and Adam Zollman

2020 MEMBERS as of November 16, 2020 *Every attempt has been made for accuracy. Please contact Maureen Gammon with questions.


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