Member List


Sam Joseph and Dan Arrighi
Amy and Bill Dahn
Laura and Adam Epstein
Sanford and Zella Felzenberg
James Keim
Kirsten Wolf and Alexander Matte
Seton Hall University


Dennis and Dr. Claudette Brown
Meredith Wood and Sean Doherty
The Erickson-Malinoski-Ohlrogge Family
Sabine Hack and Rusty Reeve
Sally and Tom Rowe
Cricket Purdy and Roger Seifter
Warren Leonard and Jim Skelly
Michael and Rachel Wolf


Debbie and Bob Adler
Omar Vucic and Jake Bishop
Jason Bopp
Holly Gauthier and Stuart Deutsch
Petra and Fen-Dow
R.H. Gilman
Carmeline Dsilva and William Hulbert
Steven Ball and Ben Lipton
Frank and Elizabeth Nolan
Falzon-Paetow Family
John and Rebecca Randall
Judy Runciman
Alison and Scott Singer
Brad and January Stell
Hanie and Jerry Warshaw


Aloia Family
Kerri Ann and Alan Delozier Burke
Jacqualine Anderson and Damien Hart
Laura and Gary Hill
Merriweather/Kakalia Family
Elizabeth and Dmitry Malinksky
Jina and Jon McGriff
James and Heather McWilliams
Liz and Pete Meny
Murphy Family
Ellen Dille and Dan Rosen
Erin Santucci
The Sipos Family
Clark Jackson and Jamie Wilbur


Leesa Anderson
Lisa and Michael Barnett
Brian N. Biglin and Betsy Grobovsky Biglin
Rita Cohn
Dan Demarti and Dominick Federico
Daron and Jessica Fong
The Fox Family
Joe Facchinei and Joe LaFalace
Adam and Allison Licata
Beth Lipman
Steven Prest
Carissa and Matt Rodrigue
Sidwa Family
Hilda and Bob Silverman
Inessa and Stan Spiegelman
Emily and Michael Tedeschi
David Ullman
Sara and Josh Zelkind

2024 MEMBERS as of February 7, 2024. *Every attempt has been made for accuracy. Please contact Maureen Gammon with questions.


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